New Blend has arrived !!!!

Hello Eveyone AVoGenLab has added 4 new Blends 

  • Tresto gen 50mg (MENT)
  • DECA Gen 400mg 
  • SuperTest 450mg
  • TESTO E 400mg 

Please hope you enjoy the new Blends, and We will be adding 4 more new blends upcoming weeks.

Stay Tuned.



How to Eliminate Crystallization

Here is the proper safe route to dissolve the crystallization



Testosterone Crystallized

Time of the year cold weather approaching, Crystallization may occur for specific molecules duration of the shipping.



AVoGen Lab MCT Carrier

Many Customers requesting additional details regards to the Carrier oil AVOGEN Utilize 

Yes, you have every right to ask any additional questions. My advice please read the link to identify the specification of what type of MCT oil we use.

Please note NOT all MCT oil is equal the same.

What our customers are saying

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Review for TMT/Primo E

Hands down best in business, Very reliable

Review for anavar and proviron
Fitness level

Thank you avogen, you have pushed me to the next level XOXOX


Review for Sutanon, EQ, Tren E
Thank you avogen

Eric went above and beyond to put a cycle in place that is well designed that fitted my budget and additionally help me out.

Been on the cycle 3 weeks, exactly what I expected.

Quality +++++

Service +++++

Talk about quality; Eric, you have established long term customer, and I hope you guys continue to grow.

Keep the good work; I will be placing another order.


Review for Sustanon/Deca/Drol
The Best!!

Great service, Great communication, and excellent products.

You cannot go wrong with avogen line.

Review for Sus/Anomass
Sustanon/ Anomass

Thank you running both blends going on 4th weeks

Holly Fuck stack is no Joke.

Thank you Avogen you have my support.

17 reviews «1 of 4»