How to Eliminate Crystallization.

Here are a few tips to eliminate any Crystallization!


  1. Get yourself a Small Cocking Pot.
  2. Place the Vial into a Ziploc Bag. Be sure to release the air from the Ziploc. (Please be sure it is sealed)
  3. Fill the pot up with water that comes up to halfway.
  4. Turn on heat to medium (do not let it boil).
  5. Let it heat for 5-10min.
  6. Place the Vial/Ziploc bag into the Hot water for roughly 1-2min
  7. Remove the vial from the Ziploc bag. Inspect the Crystallization.
  8. Swirl or shake the vial for 20 to 30 seconds.
  9. If the Solution requires more heating, please repeat the previous steps.
  10. Please turn off the heat on the stove, let the vial sit in the water, and cool down to room temperature.
  11. It should be useable at this point.
  12. At some point Crystallization, may appears back, which is common in most cases. The key point is to reach a certain heating point to eliminate crystallization. Also, please be sure the vial is stored in a proper room temp.