Dodex Vitamin B12


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Substance: B12 injection

Of all the vitamins required for optimal health and muscle gain, the B-complex (several vitamins that are grouped together because of the loose similarities in their properties, their distribution in natural sources, and their physiological functions) could be the most important as their effects are multifarious and specifically beneficial to bodybuilders.

The B-complex contains eight B-vitamins (in addition to four “unofficial B-vitamins”), all of which are water-soluble, and which serve specific functions. Their solubility status, like vitamin C, means they are assimilated in water in the body and excreted in the urine. Given their solubility, the B-vitamins do however need to be consumed on a constant basis to ensure they are continually present in the body to realize maximum benefit. However, B-vitamins (in supplement form) should never be over-consumed.

For example, if as little as 100mgs of niacin supplement Niacinamide is taken, heart-burn nausea and head-aches could result. Furthermore, some forms of choline can interfere with the healthy functioning of bacteria in the gut, thus disrupting the production of other vitamins. Moreover, excess B-6 can cause irreversible nerve damage and excess folic acid can mask a B-12 deficiency.