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DSIP (Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide) is a neuropeptide that induces sleep. It induces the spindle and delta EEG activity and reduces motor activities. Its gene is unknown, which makes it the only peptide in history with this characteristic. DSIP is classified as an amphiphilic peptide, which represents a chemical compound possessing both hydrophilic as lipophilic properties. This substance has been found in the hypothalamus, limbic system, pituitary and in other organs such tissues and body fluids. This peptide is found abundantly in the gut secretory cells and in the pancreas.

DSIP works in brain mediated by NMDA receptors, which are in charge of memory function and learning. Due to its low molecular stability, there is the hypostasis that DSIP makes a compound with carrier proteins to prevent degradation. DSIP is regulated by glucocorticoids, which are an immune system mechanism to reduce immune function aspects like inflammation in the case of allergies or autoimmune diseases.

DSIP allows low states of stress in the human body by decreasing basal corticotrophin level and at the same time blocking its release. It means a reduction of the alert system of the brain and a state of general relaxation, which could be useful in some cases of insomnia, but not for a daily lifestyle, that requires some grade of general alert. Another effect of DSIP is the stimulation of the production of Luteinizing hormone, increasing the ovulation on females or the testosterone production on males. Therefore, it could be considered as a reproductive promoter, producing some side effects on sexual desires.

Humans can benefit from DSIP through the stimulation of a released hormone of somatoliberin growth hormone and promoting cell reproduction and regeneration by the release of somatotrophin growth hormone. DSIP inhibits secretion of somatostatin, which at the same time is in charge of insulin inhibition and glucagon secretion. Because of that, DSIP helps the body to get strength, regulate glucose, and promote the metabolic utilization of nutrients.

In the physiological area, DSIP acts limiting the stress, controls the body temperature and in case of hypothermia, it can alleviate it. In addition, it regulates the blood pressure and even the myocardial contraction. It has antioxidant effects and it promotes a deep resting by increasing the slow-wave sleep. DSIP combats tumor incidence, because of that it is considered a compound with anticarcinogenic properties. It means that DSIP inhibits the development of cancer, enhancing natural defenses against it, deactivates carcinogens and blocks the mechanism by which carcinogens act.

On the other hand, DSIP could be related to obesity and metabolic syndrome that is accompanied with elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting plasma glucose and high serum triglycerides.
In some tests, DSIP has acted as an anticonvulsant opening the possibility of using this compound as a treatment of epilepsy.
Despite all its benefits, it’s possible long-term side effects have not been researched or studied at great length which is one should be careful of the consequences related to it.

There is no particular ideal dosage of DSIP that is prescribed in humans. But the recommended consumption of this peptide should be low.

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