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Gonadorelin, also known as gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH), is a peptide produced by the hypothalamus in the brain. It is used to detect the presence of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in children and to determine the fertility capacity in adults. Gonadorelin tests the manner that both, the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands are working.

The pituitary gland is responsible for the release of sex hormones (LH and FSH). In women, LH causes the release of ovulation through the stimulation of the ovaries. In men, it contributes to the production of testosterone through the stimulation of the testicles; in addition, FSH contributes to the production of sperm by the stimulation of the testicles. Gonadorelin also can be injected in low doses to determine the adequate production of LH and FSH, which is useful to diagnose hormonal disorders in order to treat them.

Gonadorelin favors the ovulation of women who do not have regular menstrual periods and ovulation. When hypothalamus gland does not release enough GnRH there could be severe consequences due to the failure of puberty that can lead to a lack of sexual development and fertility.

This peptide has been used as a treatment in delayed puberty. The application of Gonadorelin is advisable only on children of 12 years of age and older. To mention, this disorder can cause both physiological as physiological effects to children and it is necessary to look for a treatment that covers this two areas.

Gonadorelin has the faculty to correct male infertility caused by pituitary or hypothalamus problems. FSH and LH act on the testes (a pair of egg-shaped glands that sit in the scrotum next to the base of the penis on the outside of the body). Testes produce testosterone and sperm but the last one is stored for some time to accomplish its maturation. This process cannot be performed without the intervention of sex hormones.

People that consume Gonadorelin could present one or more of the next side effects: difficulty in breathing, flushing, rapid heartbeat, hives, hardening of skin at the place of injection, itching, pain, redness or swelling of skin at place of injection, skin rash, abdominal discomfort, flushing, headaches, lightheadedness, nausea and others.

The use of this peptide is forbidden during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It must not be used in children under one year of age and over people with allergic reactions to it. For hormonal treatments related to sexual disorders it is necessary the evaluation of a specialist, who will evaluate both the causes of the problem as the effects that the treatment can cause. It is necessary to receive special monitoring to get a secure and effective solution.

Gonadorelin is supplied by injection as treatment for hormonal disorders. For infertility in adults it is advisable a dose of 5.0 mcg every ninety minutes for twenty-one days. On the other hand, it has been used for testing the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in adults at a dose of 0.1 mg injected as a single application.

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