Sermorelin 2mg


Also called as GRF 1-29, Sermorelin is GHRH derivative that contains first, active 29 amino acids chain of GHRH that promote release of growth hormones from the pituitary. Sermorelin forms the shortest 1-29 fragment, yet completely functional fragment of GHRH. Increased levels of Sermorelin are linked with augmentation of lean muscular tissues, improved immunological functions, bone density and reduced adipose tissue fat. As Sermorelin increase release of hGH and Insulin-like Growth factor-1, the molecule is being studied as a potential anti-aging tool. Research studies have confirmed that 29 amino acids sequence are responsible for the pituitary gland stimulation. Hence, the GHRH analogue is designated as a potential diagnostic target for various growth hormone deficiency disorders. The molecular weight and formula is 3357.96 and C149H246N44O42S, respectively.

The arcuate neurons are part of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal system, which is important in releasing the GH in pulsatile version. Somatostatin inhibits the production of GH from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland; however, an increase in the amount of Sermorelin promotes more GH pulses, which increases its amount. The action of Sermorelin through the PLC pathway requires calcium ions and sodium ions, when GHRH binds to secretin type-G-protein coupled receptor, commonly referred to as GHRHR it causes the activation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate dependent pathway and the PLC or phospholipase C pathway. The terminal downstream actions o the cyclic AMP dependent pathway is essential in the up regulation of the transcription factors by the provision of positive feedback mechanisms, which amplifies GH production. The produced growth hormone is stored in secretory vesicles, which in turn releases the hormone when needed. The downstream actions of phospholipase C dependent pathway depend on Na+-voltage and Ca2+ for their release into the bloodstream. Research indicates that GHRH is vital in promoting non rapid eye movement sleep.


Sermorelin Chemical Profile

CAS: 86168-78-7
Formula: C149H246N44O42S
Molecular weight: 3357.96
Peptide purity: > 99.0%

International Brand Name GHRH
Packing Strength 1 x Vial
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